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Despite this extremely high level of integration, the RF power amplifier and LNA are still in a separate package and wired to the MT with board-level control signals. The answer to this question is not as clear, but it is likely due to both physics and economics. From the physics perspective, thermal load, signal integrity, and crosstalk all argue against integration.

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  • Cellular power amplifiers may generate several watts of RF signal, which greatly increases the thermal burden of an integrated package. Furthermore, RF frequencies favor QFN-style packages, where the chips are mounted directly onto metal leadframes that serve dual roles as a heat sink and as a solid RF ground reference. This conflicts with the objectives achieved by a BGA package, namely high signal density and lower cost per pin.

    From the economic perspective, the design of RF receivers and power amplifiers is still a specialty, and it may simply be uneconomical for MediaTek to negotiate the purchase of bare die from third-party vendors for package-level integration into their chipsets. Instead, it seems MediaTek had intentionally dis-integrated the RF front end and ensured the presence of multiple vendors to create a competitive market for such chips.

    All this points to the likelihood that for some time, direct introspection will remain a viable technique, as its targets are buses that connect between the discrete RF front ends and the highly integrated chipsets driving them. In the case of the Introspection Engine, the Evil Maid may manifest as anything from a literal maid who tampers with the phone while cleaning the premises, to a border inspection where the phone is examined in private within a state-operated facility, perhaps for an extended period of time. Significantly, the Introspection Engine is explicitly not to be field-upgraded: field units should not support any simple firmware upgrade option to guard against trivial Evil Maid attacks.

    The Introspection Engine is also designed for easy self-test, in the sense that one can verify that introspection is working by simply bringing the phone out of airplane mode and observing that all the monitored signals go live.

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    If a monitored signal fails to report out of airplane mode, one can directly conclude that perhaps the Intropsection Engine is faulty or has been tampered with. Of course, such a test should be conducted only in safety, perhaps in advance of entering a danger zone. These implants could be overmolded within a QFP quad flat pack leadframe and laser-etched with markings rendering them indistinguishable from genuine components, at least to the untrained eye. Finally, the relatively high power signature of such an implant could be masked by including a genuine MCU in the same package, and allowing the genuine MCU to run mock UI code thus conserving power until a trigger is detected which powers up the implant and executes the desired attack.

    Android spy apps metadata toolbar conduit services

    QFP devices were chosen to enable technicians of moderate skill with simple tools to build an Introspection Engine from scratch. Although WLCSP devices are more challenging for hand assembly, they are cheap and accessible thanks to their popularity in mobile phones. The advantage of WLCSP parts with respect to Evil Maid attacks is that they have no package — they are essentially naked pieces of silicon. Thus spoofing these would require fabricating custom silicon. Silicon fabrication is of course possible, but more difficult than overmolding an off—the-shelf implant module.

    Most traditional static defenses in common use today such as locks, alarms, and tamper-evident seals can be overcome by a sophisticated and dedicated adversary given enough uninterrupted time-on-target. Similarly, we refer readers to discussions of PUFs — physically unclonable functions — to create tamper-evident seals and to mark circuit boards and key components[16].

    A well-executed PUF can greatly complicated an attack even by a well-prepared adversary, creating a time barrier. Given that the Introspection Engine is meant to always be kept within field of view, defeating the tamper-evident seals can take several minutes, if not hours, for a well-trained adversary to bypass. The bottom line is that in reality, as a small-footprint security-critical device, the Introspection Engine is not meant to be left unattended. For example, it would be easier to shim something into a shoe or a suitcase. So far, we have discussed the discovery and mapping of test points on the iPhone6 motherboard.

    Unfortunately, test points are scattered around the motherboard, and are difficult to identify through casual inspection. In order to facilitate harnessing a phone with test points, we have developed a technique for creating a wrap-around flexible printed circuit FPC with tapping lands that coincide with the test point locations. Once the tap board is tacked in place using a set of easy-to-locate physical guides, the tapping lands within the tap board will tend to lay over their intended test points, easing the process of harnessing the phone while simultaneously providing a method for managing and routing the signals to a single FPC connector.

    Another advantage of the tap board is it modularizes the phone-specific tapping process, thus allowing the mix-and-match of various tap boards with various signal analysis modules. Accuracy: Test points can be as small as 0.

    Against the Law: Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillance · The Journal of Open Engineering

    This means measurements of test point locations must be accurate to 1 part in Double-sided: The same accuracy has to be maintained while wrapping around to the opposing side of the motherboard. The first step in creating the FPC is to create a high-resolution, scale-accurate scan of the motherboard. As modern CMOS flatbed scanners have a very shallow depth of field, one may need to first remove any tall components from the motherboard.

    This means that creating a tap board design will require the sacrifice of a phone. Fortunately, for the iPhone 6, there is a liquid market for scrap material at all stages of production, and we were able to easily secure a blank motherboard which was scrapped very early in production due to subtle internal defects within the PCB Figure In our case, we captured a scan of the motherboard at ppi using a CanoScan DU.

    Once captured, the rotational accuracy of the panel was corrected to the pixel level, and the X and Y scales independently confirmed using a digital caliper to an accuracy of 0. Due to the imaging mechanism of flatbed scanners, is important to correct for the X and Y scales independently, as they are not mechanically linked.

    Once captured and corrected, the images were laid into a vector drawing program, such as Adobe Illustrator. Rough guide lines are drawn around the edge of the PCB, mounting holes located, and test points circled Figure While not strictly necessary, drawing in edges and mounting holes help serve as a sanity check on scale and alignment.

    These imported outlines form the basis for creating the layout of a scale-accurate tap board.

    checkout.midtrans.com/yuncos-citas-por-internet.php The outlines are then rotated, flipped and spaced, so that front and back side are facing the same surface of the FPC design. Up to this point, we have addressed challenges 1 and 2 of creating the tap board, namely, scale accuracy and maintaining this accuracy over a double-sided layout. The final challenge, resilience, is addressed during the routing of the test signals within the FPC. Long runs of signals are routed along a serpentine pattern, allowing the FPC to stretch and absorb large-scale tolerance issues induced by variations in component heights and manufacturing tolerances.

    These techniques can be seen in the final layout of the tap board in Figure Once fabricated Figure 14 , the tap board must be installed within the iPhone6. Removal of both of these items requires access to a hot air soldering station, and is considered a routine operation for phone repair technicians.

    These components must be removed because they obstruct access to key test points. The RF shield is not necessary for the phone to function and can be left off after harnessing. The SIM card slot is restored by routing the SIM signals on the tap board connector to a pair of card slots located on the prototype Introspection Engine signal analysis module.

    Attaching the tap board requires scraping back the soldermask covering the test points, laying the tap board over the test point, and blobbing solder onto the assembly. The tap board has via holes strategically located over the test points so that the solder can flow through the tap board and directly heat up the test points, easing the harnessing operation while reducing chances of accidental short circuits.

    Figures 15 and 16 illustrate the tap board installation, both on the naked motherboard and in the context of the entire phone. As alluded to previously, the Introspection Engine is broken into two major parts: the tap board and the signal analysis module.